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Even the tanners have discovered my lazy nature.... [11 Oct 2005|06:30pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

So my neverending state of relaxation (which some have refered to as "laziness") is now evident even to the tanners. Never a day goes by when they don't comment on how "easy" our job is or how "you girls really have the life." But lately, these comments have been particularly directed towards me. Here are a few examples:

"You know, every time I come in here, you're sitting right there on that chair..."

"WHOA! She's up!" exclaimed one shocked customer when he came around the corner and found me out of my beloved chair.

But that chair does not compare to my new massage chair which takes up my entire room. My new favorite way to spend the evenings is relaxing in said chair with a beverage, reading, talking on the phone, listening to music or just resting.

I think going away to college might just be a little difficult for me now. :)

Whoa it's 9:36....time for bed.

Did I mention I love my life??

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[08 Sep 2005|05:27pm]
Wow. Life is really good right now. I have the easiest job in the world. We sit and watch movies and read magazines all day, order lunch, you know really difficult things...and occasionally get up to let people into the tanning booths or clean the beds. And I get paid for doing that. Plus free tanning.

What else what else. Pretty much nothing. Spending lots of time with my FABULOUS, crazy, sexy aunts. Speaking of them, next Thursday we leave for our Turningtone trip which equals= spa, massage, gambling and large amounts of alcohol.

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[02 Sep 2005|09:10am]
I'm only doing this out of my love for Maggie Mae Higgins. Basically the rest of my summer went like this:

Child (comes up to me while I am cooking him lunch): You know, I'm never actually this bad....only when you're here.
Child: Because it's fun.

This is the same kid who laughs at me everytime I try to yell at him, because he thinks I look funny when I'm trying to be serious.

In other news I officially have no friends since all of mine seem to have disappeared to college. No, it's not really that bad...I do have my aunts, and my ipod. Of course, that month at Kripalu prepared me well for being relatively alone.

I've begun to read like a madwoman once again...any bets as to how many books I'll read this semester? I think somewhere around 25 billion.

I've also become incredibly healthy this past week....I actually have the time to cook healthy things and work out. Not like I didn't have time before, but now I have no other distractions at all. And the biggest thing is...I haven't had coffee in like almost a week I think. WOO HOO. I get headaches pretty much every night now, but I'm surviving. It's a little difficult when I wake up dreaming about it in the morning, but so far I've managed to resist.

Gotta go get dressed....I have a JOB INTERVIEW today. I know, did you ever think the day would come?
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band_its of love, mall madness, and other such hotness [01 Aug 2005|07:59pm]
The Band_its Love Reunion 2005 was rather marvelous, though sadly short. Playing pool games late at night equals lots of fun. Oh, how I love those weasels that are my heart Petek.

In other exciting news, I got the cutest voicemail EVER from Jenny today. I almost cried because I miss my little cupcake. Anyone know the time difference to Korea, because I don't want to like wake her family up and I'm too lazy to look it up myself.

Lately, babysitting has been mucho mejor, and here's why:
1) I get to play the best board game in the world: MALL MADNESS. Ahhh. You know you love it.
2) I've been playing pool games every day, which I haven't done in about 7 years and it's surprisingly fun. Plus I win Marco Polo.....HAHAHA.
4) I get to eat candy!!!
5) I've learned the secret to entertaining 7 year-old boys: hit a baseball to them. They will chase it for hours....literally.
6) We watch all sorts of really awful, cheesy sports movies/family 'inspirational' movies/nickelodeon movies.......and I get really into them.

So, you can see my life is pretty sad. And in case you were wondering, I still have absolutely no plans for the entire fall, so it looks like I really may spend the whole semester watching movies like I said. Either that or go back to Kripalu.

And to conclude...here's Drew's away message right now which pretty much sums up our lives:

"finishing getting dressed and then leaving my house and getting in my car and from there I'll drive about a quarter mile, park my car and go into someone's house and then sit around and ponder what to do tonight and then an hour will go buy and we'll decide to go to borders or something and then we'll drive back to this person's house and maybe stop at Stew's or something and an hour after that I'll get in my car and drive home and open my door and go to sleep"
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[21 Jul 2005|08:59pm]
Wow- Can I tell you how cool I am now? I am now a member of the Scrapbooking Club from the Memory Land Scrapbook Store...hell yes, I even have the punch card in my wallet. I know you're jealous. Add that to the chanting, yoga-ing, knitting, and myriad other super cool activities I partake in.

Really, it's no wonder why I'm so irresistable--even 40 year old(+) men want me.

I'm not joking.

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[18 Jul 2005|11:23pm]
Why Sierra is the coolest person ever:

1) She is the ONLY person who visited me at Kripalu and we had a rocking time.

2) She willingly went into the labyrinth by herself, pondering some great question of the universe.

3) She came to the Daily Grind with me today where I consumed disgusting amounts of sweet drinks and food.

Hmmmm...doesn't anyone else want to be as cool as Sierra, or do I really only have one friend now? And isn't this the marvelous girl I will be going to school with for FOUR more years, while certain other people are leaving me in only a few weeks????!!!!!

You are all bad bad weasels. Friends=love.
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[07 Jul 2005|03:22pm]
So.....all is well here at the fabulous Kripalu Yoga Center. Things have been much less...shall we say interesting which is probably a good thing. I have been extremely well behaved the last two weeks, mainly because I haven't had any temptations...hahaha. I'm working crazy long hours this week which kind of sucks, but oh well. I'm being slightly less weird too...I finally have a car so I occasionally leave the institution, and I haven't been doing quite as much labyrinthing, chanting and the like. Plus, the healthy wave I was riding for a while is rapidly dying, as I have become addicted to the cookies here and comsume as much junk food as possible when I can get my hands on it. And as I always do when I have mucho dinero, I am spending like a crazy person and desperately need to stop.

What else what else? Well the new Seva volunteers this week are extra cool...I really like this group. They're a lot friendlier and younger than the previous groups so yes I finally have friends now in my third week here. Today I had the day off so I ventured into Lenox since I finally have my sweet pimped out ride. It's a really cute town so I kind of just wandered around wasted money, the usual. Bought another super long intense book because I'm almost done with Anna Karenin. So yea, life really isn't all that different or exciting here, but it is still wonderful and amazing if you're into the karma yogic lifestyle....but there is possible exciting news...smurdoch might come next Saturday (the day before i leave) which would be the coolest thing ever because then later I get my first massage ever and it will just be a super day. So Sierra wins the coolest person award for coming to yoga land.

PS- BANDITS....how is the planning coming for Emma's visit? I shall be very angry if I return home and there are no plans to bring her gorgeous fabulous self to the great lands of upstate New York.
PPS- BANDITS...can we plan a Daily Grind trip like mebbe the 18th? IM DYING FOR GOOD COFFEE. HELP ME PLZ.

Mucho mucho mucho amor to all my favies. Can't wait to see everyone next week!

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[24 Jun 2005|07:42pm]
so this short little update is for all the non-bandits (aka maggie kayla shaina) who cant read my super secret community post.

this computer is mad slow...ive been here for a million years and its finally loaded. everything is more or less awesome here...at first i was totally loving the quiet alone time but im starting to miss everyone a little even though i havent been gone long just because this place is soooo isolated and im wishing i had brought my car. the work part of it is kind of blah so im hoping i get reassigned next weekbut we'll see. the non work part is fab. im eating so healthily that its kind of sickening. so healthy in fact that when i started to get a cold which usually attack me for like a month it disappeared in like 1 day. hmmmm....evening programs here rock...guitar music in the cafe...live african drumming which was probably one of the coolest things of my life and this chanting called kirtan which is amazing. a fewminutes ago i met this really cool guy who is doing a rumi performance tomorrow night which apparently consists of a performance half and then a moving half(or, as he said, rolling). If you were here you would think this was all insane but i love it. Most of the people are pretty cool but i'm not really making any friends, mainly on my part because i just dont really want to hang out with them but there are some people that are cool and i like meeting new people like my computer friend. plus he was pretty hot for an old guy. hey you know me...i love the men. too bad most of them are gay.

sooo....not too much iwant to say...congrats on you gradtomorrow. love you lots.callme
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[18 Jun 2005|10:54am]
[ mood | excited ]

One more day till I go to Kripalu that is my heart Petek!!!!!! So excited! I finally got around to packing yesterday, which was basically my usual throw whatever shit is on my floor into a big bag which results in both overpacking and not having enough outfits because nothing matches, but I sort of had a method this time and you don't really need to match at Kripalu, so I should be good. Except they're going to be mad at me because I'm bringing so much shit, but they can deal...I'm going to be there for a freaking month!!! And it really is true that Emma People are going to be around us for the rest of our lives. Rachel Heller is going to be in the town where Kripalu is all summer working so we're going to meet up and hang out. Plus, Ms. Hamm (yes, sausage!!!!!) is coming for a few days so I'm totally hanging out with my fave math teacher. I'm so cool. And Ms. Maier might come too.

So, I'm only writing this entry because I promised my love margarita that I would write her a long entry before I left because she wont get any new ones for a long long time. Not all that much has been happening. I finally finished babysitting. Enough said about that.

Well, a few nights ago we had our first BP in a long long time and it was absolutely FABULOUS. I have never eaten so much junk food in my life. We went provision shopping at the great land of PC and bought plenty of chips, dips, cookies, soda, and cinnamon buns which were later combined with massive amounts of pizza popcorn ice cream and cookie dough. It was gross and delicious. But HERES THE BEST PART: we brought little Emma around with us in spirit. Her pretty little head we stuck to a stick indeed and included her in the many activities of the night, and even documented it with photos. (ps emma im going to try to email you the pictures before i leave because im retarded and post them here so check your emma account ok great good im excited).

hmmmmm.....2 nights ago marg and i had our usual get together at her house- we watched trashy tv for several hours. we tried to play a mean game of war, but im a baby and wouldnt finish it because ive never lost on my special war deck and she was kicking my ass. We also realized that we've gotten way too nice. We used to bitch about people for hours and gossip to the point where her dad would always make fun of us, and now we don't at all. What's up with that Marg? Where did our bitchiness go?

yesterday chummy and i had a pseudo chum date, during which we realized that i am a really nice generous person when I have money, which is probably why I spend it so fast and am poor for the majority of the time. But i just opened a checking account AND i'll have a debit card AND a credit card so i'm going to be super responsible now and not waste money.

ok marg love i'm kind of running out of things to write about so this is pretty much the end. have a good month without me, but get ready to party when i get back so i can re-toxify my body. Casey- your house = nonstop party house, k?

oooooo PS BAND_ITS- can we plz go to the daily grind soon preferably on a night when they have live music? i tried to get chummy to go last night and she wouldnt!!!!!

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[14 Jun 2005|07:53pm]
The one good thing that has come out of babysitting: rediscovering that Spongebob Squarepants is the love of my life. Seriously, probably the greatest show ever created. I must buy the DVDs ASAP.
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Babysitting continues to consume my life... [10 Jun 2005|06:39pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

This entire week = me babysitting nonstop. At least I'm getting money. And the cuteness I mentioned last time? It's disappearing by the day; alas, my theory that I dislike spending more than 20 minutes with any child is confirmed. Some interesting things I have been told by various children this week:

1) Child: You have a tatoo?
Me: Yes.
Child: Can I see it?
(I show child tatoo)
What's it called?
Me: Kokopelli. Do you like it.
(Child thinks for a few seconds)
Child: Well, I like the name but I don't like the tatoo. It looks like a blob.

Child: Ahhhh!
Me: What?!
Child: You're hurting me.....your legs are too hairy.

Sorry, I didn't realize that my legs needed to be cleanly shaven for 6 year olds.

Plz sir I want to go to Kripalu A-HO-RA!

So now I am completely exhausted, and hence will be spending my Friday night packing for yoga land and watching a movie (if I can make it), BUT tomorrow I'm going major shopping to waste all of the money I made.

P.S. Petey's birthday was special fun. I LOVE THE SISTERHOOD (Kelly, I do not want to see any badittude comments, understand???).

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We're done! [06 Jun 2005|05:25pm]
Graduation was yesterday. My diploma is so beautiful (my pin, however, is not). It was so surreal, I'm still not sure if I feel like it's over. I cried so much. I didn't intend to cry that much. I usually never cry in public, but I just couldn't control myself. I was mainly crying because of my friends who are going far away, and even the ones who will be close because it won't be the same anymore. We won't be together all day, everyday. I think I almost squeezed Jien to her death right after the wailing wall, right at my emotional peak. But I was also crying simply because I'm graduating. I didn't really realize until a few days ago just how much I love Emma Willard, and it's much harder to let go than I thought it would be That school has been my life for four years, and I've been thinking that if I had never gone, I would be a completely different person. Ok, I'm done, but I was entitled to my one sentimental entry.

Anyway, everyone was gorgeous at Bacc and Graduation. The senior party in the library after Bacc was actually SO MUCH FUN. They had delicious chocolate covered strawberries which I immediately got on my dress, so my mother started calling me 'Chocolate Boob.' And a band played super fun dance songs and we danced in the courtyard, and 12 tones sang and it was amazing- that was one of the saddest things ever, because I love 12 tones so so so so so so much. I've beeb listening to the cd a lot again, and I don't even mind the pitchy parts anymore, I'm just glad we made it because it just brings back so many good memories. Graduation, as I already mentioned, was extremely emotional and beautiful, and afterwards I was completely exhausted. I made it to Fave's house for a little while, but then I had to come home because I had to babysit early this morning (ps these are the world's cutest children, so cute in fact that I actually enjoy babysitting them and we all know how i usually loathe said activity).

So here is a list of important/interesting things I have learned, witnessed and/or done the past few days:

1) Big, black bug sunglasses are the world's hottest accessory, especially on me.
2) 3 way girl spooning (they claim it was unintentional)
3) me and kelly being told our cuddling was obscene
4) my evil cat face/hiss. enough said.
5) insane dancing in the middle of a hip coffee shop is extremely entertaining for all
6) rasberry lattes are very delicious and cute
7) Gretchen's mother is the best present-giver in the world.
8) my family sometimes doesn't love me (i.e. they abandon me at graduation with millions of piles of crap to carry)
9) my teachers sometimes do love me (i.e. they both supplied the piles of presents and offered to help carry them after aforementioned family abandoned me)
10) the word wunderkind. good thing i know now, because apparently i was one in 8th grade.
11) in our group of friends we have a techno wizard, math genius, and movie star smile, among others. never knew that before
12) CASEY SOMETIMES CRIES. dont worry, im not making fun of you LP, i think it's adorable, just very strange
13) speaking of LPs, we spotted an LP SWEATSHIRT in lake placid
14) emma willard now has its own water bottles. wtf?
15)it is extremely hard to sing the alma mater while crying. in fact, don't try, it just sounds awful
16) if your name is cassidy constance daloia and you are wearing a white dress of any kind, refrain from eating because you will inevitably spill something on it
17)cutest moment: tie between holding teenie's hand while we sang our last 12ers song and walking emma to her car after graduation
18) random moment: my mom saying "wow, you two could be sisters" when emma and i took a picture together. is she blind?

So, I'm going to try to post some of the cutest pictures in this thing. Emma, I may need your help with this. Also, I'm making a scrapbook of senior year. It's going to be gorgeous. I love my little muffinheads. And Buddha, we should start looking at dates for a road trip, because you know how crazy everyone's schedule gets.
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YOU JEALOUS BASTARD [03 Jun 2005|04:48pm]
[ mood | excited ]

So, no time to go into detail because simply too much has happened lately, but Maggie and Chummy I know you're dying for an update so here goes in a much simplified version (for more details and fotos, see Emma, Pete, and LP's LJs).

-Our last, amazing Daily Grind trip. Crazy caffeine high dancing = super fun.
-Many hours consumed with year book signing. PS our year book is extremely hot for you non-emma willard hotties
-Our last hours on our beloved triangle, which sadly is now covered with a gigantic brown spot. Still, the bouncy bounce was totally worth it.
-senior retreat was fab. Parts were boring but overall it was cool. Freshman year videos were hilarious. I love the band_its to the extreme. And we bought THE HOTTEST SUNGLASSES IN THE WORLD AHHHH. And picture a 10 fingers game at night on a dock with like 35 girls. It was interesting.

So yea, actually tons happened but I'm too tired to write any more. All I can say is this is all surreal and I'm starting to get so so sad. I have the best friends in the world. Off to put in my senior cards and cry reading my yearbook. Or maybe not. We'll see.

P.S. Stunning, gorgeous, sexy pictures of these events will shortly be posted on webshots.

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Tribute to Emma [25 May 2005|10:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

To my dearest interior decorator:

Emma Mitchell= my goddess of LJ

thanks, sir!

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So here's a funny story... [25 May 2005|03:51pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Today, after my one strenuous class of the day, I stopped by Eckerd in town to get a passport pic taken to send to Midd. But I get there, and the lady's like...I'm helping this lady, come back in half an hour. Just to be safe, I go back like an hour later. They're still there. So I hang out for a few minutes. Turns out they're super friendly. So the three of us start chatting about college, my earrings, the photo lady's sister who's in australia on a fullbright scholarship, the other lady's sons, we're looking at pictures of her dogs, sons, neighbors, you name it, and of course, the main topic, which never escapes me wherever I go, is my cuteness. "Oh, I just can't get over how cute you are." "You are soooo adorable." "Would you look at this picture? So cute." "No, this picture won't work...it's too light. You're too pretty for this picture."

So, of course the first camera is simply not good enough. We go to the more expensive one. We take numerous shots. I borrow the other customer's jean jacket, because the pink shirt I have is simply not blending with the background. We then spend a good 15 minutes editing. Meanwhile, they are gossiping about all of the other customers, making me feel very lucky that for some reason they have fallen in love with me and include me in all of this. In the end, I spent a good 45 minutes there, but I have to admit...I now have the CUTEST passport picture I have ever seen. HA. Plus, she randomly gave me a discount so I only paid like $5. See Casey, these are the benefits of being an adorable midget.

In other news, I took my new car for a joy ride last night. Sweeeet. Too bad it doesn't have a stereo.

In other news, I still have to finish my last fiction entry. I can't do it.

In other news, someone stole the freaking Senior Dinner Seating Chart. I will kill them if I find them.

Everyone has been really edgy and emotional lately. It's scary. Today on the way home I was listening to this very somber-sounding song and I felt like I was going to cry. About leaving school. Weird. Well not school so much, but friends. Still.

P.S. You know what I really hate? When amazing music suddenly becomes popular and people who have shitty taste in music start listening to it because its 'cool' now. I feel like my music is tainted now with their dumbness.

P.P.S. Emma-love still has not changed my background for me so my LJ is still ass-ugly.

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HAHAHAHAHA [24 May 2005|05:09pm]
For your reading pleasure, here is the highly entertaining email I just received entitled "We'll see your IMF and raise you an FMA!"

dEar eVIL aP cHEm hOoLIGaNs,


Holy Poem of Good and Evil

O ye of little faith
In our dexterity,
You thought this day would never come
But when struck down, you'll see

You stripped our pride away from us
You think you've done your part
You tore the spine from the geocaching trip
Of the physics that is our heart

You should have been wary, O Chem class of Doom,
Of the harms that could ye befall.
Well now you will learn that it is your turn
And your demise will us enthrall.

Though wits you have not,
You may be aware
That a close friend dear to your soul
Simply ---------- isn't there.

Indeed he is yellow with round pores to spare
And you shall see that it won't be long ere
Your spongy friend named Bob will be subjected to hell
Though in a pineapple under the sea he used to dwell

To retrieve your sad, deflated friend,
Now is the time to heed us well,
And on Friday, periods the third and fourth
His whereabouts you may verily tell.

Though as good a friend as SpongeBob is,
A much better friend there's been from the start.
On the appointed day, a clue shall await
Behind the "best friend" that is your heart

To use the clue you may find it wise
To a GPS bear under clear skies.
Just follow the path and be ready for some Fun (Dip)
And you may find SpongeBob by the time you are done.

So remember this appointment to which you are bound
Or surely your SpongeBob shall ne'er be found.
Your dim-witted instructor you may have to lead
For surely not a coordinate he is able to read

Peace, Love, and Sweet Revenge,
Fiziks Maims Archenemies (Just kidding. No Chem nerds shall be harmed in the making of these shenanigans.)

...why am I friends with them again? JK I <3 the physics crazies.
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Coffee, cupcakes, and other such things [22 May 2005|12:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Two more weeks until graduation! Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! I'm sooo ready to get out of there, but it's also a little sad because I'm going to miss people a lot. But I'm really proud of us for actually doing all of the end of the year things that we've been saying we would do forever. For example, the other day the all-mighty triumvirate went out for our t-shirt/coffee outing. We took Kelly's sweeet car, and I must say that the best part of the outing was picking up Ms. Sanwal in the archway with the windows down and 50 Cent blaring. She almost died. Then we went to Walmart, bought some little boy t-shirts and fabric markers, then headed off to the Daily Grind for some delicious coffee. Starbucks, I'm sorry, but I've totally converted. The Daily Grind rocks...not only is their coffee better, but the place is cooler and it's not an evil chain so therefore it's more deserving of my business. Iced Caramella is officially the greatest thing ever created, followed closely by the delicious cheesecake that the semi-stoned woman made us. YUM. And our t-shirts rock, and you can all see them at our last class meeting (tear) and I hope you will notice that Havi will NOT be wearing one, since she was not invited to this highly exclusive outing. <3333 the Trium.

Another super exciting thing happened when we had the much anticipated cupcake party!!!!! My fave cupcakes (Jien, Jenny, & Gretchily for those of you who aren't aware of the cuties) came over. We ate an entire pizza, then ventured to Bubbles for ice cream where Gretch and Jenny rode the little kid ride, then we baked strawberry cupcakes!!!!! We were so exhausted by all our eating that we all fell asleep while watching the Princess Diaries on our super super super cozy beds. The whole evening, of course, was extremely cute, because we are adorable. I will miss them mucho next year. Pictures shall be forthcoming on webshots.

And how could I forget...I GOT A CAR. So exciting. '98 Mitsubishi Mirage, tinted windows, a little dented but still super hot, and it actually has air conditioning. Yesssssss. Unfortunately I won't be able to drive it for a few days since it doesn't have plates. :( Name suggestions are welcome.

Now off to read 30 pages of a Calculus novel and write a mini paper about it. Thank you sausage.

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TOP SEKRIT FRIEND JOURNAL [17 May 2005|06:23pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

Last night, at dinner with Emma and the Bandit (more on that later) I had the most brilliant idea of my life. Props to Frank McDonald for having these very inspiring things in the dining hall to try to make us healthier beings, because it indeed has affected my life greatly. We noticed one of the things which basically said "Start a friend journal. Write in it with pretty colors so it becomes living art." At first, we simply laughed at the idea, and then I thought- HEY, LET'S DO IT. So this morning when Emma and I had nothing to do, we went to the bookstore and bought the SEKRIT book and the SEKRIT marker pack. The sound of the SEKRIT friend journal's bindings opening for the first time was remarkable, and Emma told me to pay attention so I could cherish the memory forever, and indeed I listened to my friend and I shall. We then spent several hours beginning the beautiful SEKRIT thing. It includes a super SEKRIT friend/member list, the oath, the consitutional rights/ citizenship code for each respective social class, thanks to our legislator Bronwyn, plus the first few entries. In it we shall put SEKRITS, famous written works by the SEKRIT members (i.e. The Peanut-Shell Dissertation and the Surgetastic Poem in both English and Turkish), and whatever else we like. It will be a blessed opportunity in which to bond and be merry during our final weeks together.

However, this is not a beautiful story without crises. This morning, since ONLY EMMA AND I BOUGHT THE JOURNAL AND THEREFORE ARE THE ONLY RIGHTFUL OWNERS OF THE SEKRIT JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!, and we laboriously spent our precious frees working on it, we rightfully named ourselves the Holy Co-Chieftains. Then, in good jest, we named the rest of them LPMS, and Casey an RLPM. We were only kidding when we came up with the acronym of Lowly Plain Members, but all chaos broke loose when Casey refused to take the oath without knowing its meaning. She then proceeded to mumble the sacred doctrine only to join the group and sabotage her Holy Co-Chieftains with a blasphemous entry, outling her desire to cut us into pieces and then throw us in a vat of boiling oil among other things. I hate her. And then Sierra, yes, SIERRA!!!!! betrayed us when she explained to the other LPMS what it meant (speaking of that, Emma, she must be demoted to RLPM status) and everything went to hell. There were evil plans being made, rival groups being formed....in other words, total chaos. Luckily, I caught Emma as she was being bombarded with out traitor friends, and being the great compromiser that I am, salvaged the situation. After almost being brought to tears by my friends insane reaction, and lack of respect for the beauty that is the friend journal, I kindly explained that we only did it out of loving jest, and we would change it to whatever they wanted, which we decided was to be henceforth called Lovely People Monkeys and Rarely Lovely People Monkeys, respectively. Afterwards, everything seemed to go back to normal...we even came up with titles for the rest of the friends: Petek- Village Idiot; Casey- The Bandit; Kelly- Official Court Justice, and revised the Code of Citizenship to better suit all parties. My friends, I only hope that this peace will remain, and the miscreants of the RLPM Class will not become unruly and disrupt the harmonious equilibrium which their loving and all-powerful Holy Co-Chieftains created in honor of them. The final few weeks that the SEKRIT friends have left together will be marvelous and celebratory. If not, I will show Niles Casey's evil entry so she will be expelled before graduation.

This is quite possibly the greatest LJ entry ever written. Thank you.

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Prom Update and other such things [15 May 2005|02:25pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So the weekend began with me skipping school for the 700th time this semester, but it wasn't my fault because my mom made my nail appointment during the time in which my ONE class of the day was taking place. Anyway, the rest of the day I pretty much sat around doing nothing while the rest of the town was frantically getting ready. FREAKS. I finally put my dress on because my family was here and was going to kill me if I didn't. That turned out to be a bad idea though because SOMEONE/Petek did not get to my house until after 5, which is when we were supposed to be at the park. Actually, Kenny was at my house to meet her about 25 minutes before that. She proceeded to get ready for prom in approximately 2 minutes, which I think is the world record. She wins at that game. Of course, we had to do the gay park picture thing for like an hour, which is actually amusing because the parents are hysterical. Nelson is officially the most annoying, especially when he follows me around with the video camera in my face. Then we took our hot BUS to prom and it was quite fun. Alex was prom king, that was pretty special. The boys serenaded us with their beautiful singing voices on the way home. Hmmmm...afterwards we went to a party that was too cool for us, so we had to go to another one. I actually behaved myself. I will just say that Chummy and I loved the entire world, and we professed our love to many people and made some new friends. We were just extremely happy. We all crashed at Maggie's and after about 4 hours of sleep we all woke up to a delicious breakfast. YUM.

Now it is the day after prom. Besides being more exhausted then I have ever been in my life, and havig strange neck pains which I still have and can't figure out if it's from my lymph nodes or sleeping on it wrong, we decided to have a post-prom-recovering-movie-party at my house. We all transformed into hungover vampires, prevented all sunlight from entering the house and only left to get food a few times. For most of the day it was just Eric pimping with all the girls, then Drew joined us and a few of the retarded hikers came over too. I also have to thank my sister and Kayla for making fun of the ugly pictures of me for a good 20 minutes. It was probably the weirdest, laziest, longest day of my entire life, only complicated by the ridiculous drama that happened which prevented me from going out to dinner with my faves for my own freaking birthday. It was insane. My family is seriously fucked up, but whatever, it wasn't the crisis that we were all expecting at least. Today I had to babysit at 10 in the morning, not a good idea, but whatev I dealt. Now I have a disgusting amount of writing fiction to do, plus address all the freaking envelopes for Senior Dinner, but instead I'm obvi being very productive right now.

At least I can look forward to the TOGA PARTY at Eric's.

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A good cheesecake is better than a penis. [11 May 2005|09:08pm]
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That's right...those are the wise words of Kayla Kathryn Campbell. I had my little birthday dinner with the two coolest girls, and two biggest LJ stalkers in the world- Kay and Mags. It was lovely, except I just nearly averted disaster because the TORTS that I ordered came with MUSHROOMS (I know! ahhhh) but luckily they were removed. I must say, the torts were a little fancy for my taste...I much prefer the Torts that Kelly and Casey make for me, prob because they make them out of love. Anyway, we realized that we had gone to Mangia back in the PLHH days for my birthday, so we shared a few sentimental moments remembering the good old days, and feeling sad that the slut couldn't make it, although Maggie assures me that I would not like the birthday surprise she might try to give me. Yep, so that's about it. I didn't actually do any exciting 18 year-old stuff..I just didn't feel like it. And Saturday night we are having the traditional b-day celebration with the faves yay! I looooove them!

Luckily Buddy is my savior and let me borrow her car today so I didn't have to waste the day away doing nothing at school, and she's letting me borrow it AGAIN tomorrow, since I only have to go in for class meeting (cringe). My life is cool. Today I came home super early, and got so tired from reading my People En Espanol that I just had to take a nap until 5:30. Yesssssssss. AND I actually wrote 2.5 pages for Writing Fiction, and I may just go write another, so I'll only have to write 3 tomorrow. I am so good.

P.S. Jenny and Jien made me cupcakes/muffins for my b-day. And Jenny sang Happy Birthday as I came into the library to take the test of doom. They are the cutest ever. <33333 them.

P.P.S. Sierra got into Middlebury so my life is complete and now I will make friends and I can go visit her and partear during the fall. Double yesssssss.

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